Lago Strobel and Kooi Noom, Patagonia Argentina

We are writing to you on our way back from fishing the Santa Cruz region of Argentina in Southern Patagonia. To sum it up, we were pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the quality of fish and the fishing experience.

We first fished Lago Strobel, aka Jurassic Lake, and its tributary, Rio Barancoso, based out of Laguna Verde Lodge. Truly an amazing sight fishing experience to huge rainbows 10-20 lbs. One very important fact we learned is that both the lake and the river are within the boundaries of Estancia Laguna Verde, therefore giving you the largest and the premiere access to these waters. These fish are hard fighting acrobatic fish that can put you into backing and the most beautiful rainbows you will come across. They were readily hitting dry flies and droppers. Streamers worked well in the river. Jurassic would be a great place for spey rods.

Then we transferred to a relatively unknown new lodge, Kooi Noom, for another amazing experience. Kooi Noom and all its waters are situated within the Estancia El Capitan, a sheep and cattle working ranch that spans over 20,000 hectors at the foothills of Andes. Kooi Noom offers a variety of waters from a spring creek, lagoon, and Rio El Capitan that originates from Lago Quiroa at the top of the plateau. The fish from the lagoon and El Capitan range 10-20 lbs. The Spring creek, although smaller in size, is a paradise with smaller dry flies.

One of the best features about Laguna Verde and Kooi Noom is that all your fishing access is within the estancia within 20-30 minutes of driving distance from the lodge. Although it takes a bit long to get to these lodges because of their remote locations, but once you are there, you don’t have to go anywhere for the best fishing access.

Please enjoy the photos and let us know if you would like to learn more about this extraordinary fishing adventure.